View a highlight of the current year and prior years: The top ten scores, team averages and the number of contests by year.

View scoring details for each meat category (Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket) and the Overall score.

See a summary of teams’ results. This is a quick way to get an overview of each team’s BBQ career.

Use the map feature to view current year contests. You may spot a contest or two you didn't know about!

Get a detailed breakdown on score calculation methodology for the KCBS Team of the Year chase.

Get a snapshot of estimated points standings. (Organizations can use BBQData to calculate and track their custom points chases as well!)

See a list of contests by month and year. Click on any contest for a detailed view.

Get a complete list of results for each contest. A click takes you to a team’s detailed view. BBQData's smart match technology links contests by year. Seeing historical competitions and finishes has never been easier!

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