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Mark Kenney

BBQData.com was conceived by Mark Kenney. Programmer by day...BBQ Geek by night!!! Mark was originally looking for a better way to obtain information on BBQ competition team scores for his teammates of Sauce This BBQ, from there the idea quickly grew. Mark has over 20 years of experience in IT creating web based applications for large companies. He also makes a mean Pulled Pork :)
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Danny Youngblood

Chief Data Designer
Danny is the Pitmaster of Sauce This BBQ and OBSESSED with BBQ results. He can quote all 4 meat finishes for more past contests then anyone should be able to...and all with his hands tied. His strength/addiction brings unique and useful information to BBQData.com. Many of the data points that he suggests are being implemented and presented. He is also behind many of the future ideas BBQData has to present. Stay tuned...
Corey 3eda4a0e5c69ec99e0de9cf825880d760b6b8d664eb88cd539ee7c10fd0dad2a

Corey Jenkins

Chief Design Officer
Corey and Mark have been working on projects together for several years. Corey has an extensive background in visual design as well as content management. Corey is the lead for the USDA on their extensive mind blowing website. Corey has spoken at multiple international events about data visualization and info-graphic use. He will be putting those skills and more to work on BBQData.

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